7 Practical Tips for Creating a Happier Home

A home isn’t just a building but where you are at peace.  We all want a happy home and a place we can relax after work.  A home is what you make of it. You have the power to create the home you have always wanted in life. Here are a few tips to help you achieve this.

  1. Declutter the Living Space

Clutter bombards your mind with excessive stimuli making it hard to relax even when you want to. If you find you have an overactive mind click here to find out more about how you become a calmer you. The brain translates clutter to tasks that need to be done. This creates a feeling of guilt and anxiety – factors known to push happiness to the edge. Decluttering should however help eliminate these stimuli making it easy to relax.

According to Marie Kondo, the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, you should only keep items that bring joy to your home and life. According to her, decluttering starts by picking up everything in the house and place it where it should. Ask yourself whether the item is worth keeping before setting it aside.  Tackle the clutter by sorting each item by purpose. For instance, you can start with clothes, then books, photos, and mementos.  Once done, you can then start arranging the remaining items in drawers or cabinets. No unnecessary items should be kept in your house, says Kondo. Getting rid of unnecessary items and clutter helps reduce pressure on your brain as well.

  1. Put Items that Bring Happy Memories on Display

Putting items that bring happy memories in a display is another way to bring joy back in your home.  According to research, these items bring a cycle of enjoyment that you live to relive. The cycle includes planning, anticipating, enjoying the experience, sharing it with others, and remembering every bit of the experience.

Display these items around the house, and preferably in every room. Doing this should help stretch the happiness cycle even farther. You will be surprised how warm your heart will feel when you set your eyes on that African mask you had during your honeymoon, the family photo at Disney world, and other exciting and adventurous experiences.

  1. Invest in Things/Items that Cultivate Family Experience at Home

As earlier mentioned, turning your home into a gallery of happiness is a creative way to a happier home. In addition to the fun family pictures, invest in items that bring joy to everyone in the house. Things that help create positive experiences and relaxation are highly recommended. Some of the items you should consider investing in include board games, game table, ping-pong table, and other things you can hold family tournaments with, in the house.

A comfortable sofa will also come in handy in making everyone happy, and especially when watching a movie with the rest of the family. You can get a collection of fun family movies such as The Lord of The Rings, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars for a family movie marathon.

  1. Bring Plants into your Home

According to research, interacting with nature helps lower stress levels by triggering the release of happy hormones.  Bringing nature inside the house can also have the same effect too. One way to do this is bringing in live houseplants. Houseplants play a crucial role in purifying the air by attracting toxins and positive ions. These plants also release oxygen into the air, making it easier for your brain to handle stress and other issues well. Having plants in the house should also help boost your mood and reduce the risk of falling ill.  You can get these plants from a nursery and other places that sell houseplants.

  1. Give Warm Greetings and Farewells

Another way to bring happiness to your home is by making everyone feel welcome and acknowledged in the family. According to Gretchen Rubin, we should Kiss more, jump whenever possible, and be carefree at some point. Making everyone feel loved each time they walk through the door can help turn frowns into smiles.

Gretchen tried this by asking everyone in the family to give warm greetings and farewells when any of them came in or was leaving the house. Each family member was to pay attention to the person coming in, or going for a minute to show appreciation.  According to her, doing this made all feel connected.  The smallest things such as greeting someone when he/she comes in the house can improve the atmosphere in the house, hence a happier home.

  1. Create a Sleep Haven Out of Your Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Creating a haven out of your bedroom means you will get to sleep well and soundly at night. Sleep is essentially needed for it helps our brain cells relax and rejuvenate for the next day. In addition to this, good sleep has been linked to happiness.  To create a calm and peaceful bedroom, consider:

  1. Installing a good set of curtains or blinds.
  2. Invest in the most comfortable mattress you can afford. Pair it with high-quality beddings.
  3. Soundproof the room if living in a noisy neighborhood. A white noise machine would also come in handy too.
  4. Ensure the bedroom is conducive enough to promote sleep.
  5. Only use the bedroom for sleep and sex.
  1. Have Snacks that Boost your Mood

Cooking foods that promote happiness, and snacks that help with the same also holds the key to a happier home. Some of the foods and snacks that act as mood boosters include:

  1. Dark chocolate – Dark chocolate contains serotonin and endorphins. These compounds are natural anti-depressants hence do help reduce stress and elevate your mood.
  2. Fruits – Strawberries and grapes are known to have mood-boosting properties. Shop for these, wash them, then store them in see-through containers in your refrigerator.
  3. Nuts – Nuts are known to trigger increased production of serotonin. Serotonin is the compound believed to produce good mood in men.

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