8 Great Tips for Buying a New Bear Mattress

While shopping for a mattress can be quite hectic – with all the costs, types, whistles and bells to consider – it is worth spending a bit more time shopping thoughtfully. Here is what you need to know:

1. Start your shopping by visiting a local store

You could finish your purchase by buying your mattress of choice online, but since mattress preferences are of a personal nature, there isn’t enough online researching that can substitute the experience of trying out different Bear mattresses in a store.

After you have zeroed in on what you want, do some online comparison shopping.

2. Find the mattress of your dreams before it is on sale

Shopping for Bear mattresses during a sale can be quite tricky and somewhat frustrating, especially if you hadn’t done your research beforehand. Stores are usually crowded during a sale, which means salespeople are distracted and busy. Take your time to find a mattress you like then pounce on it at the sales price.

3. Try a bedding specialty store

Salespeople working in stores that specialize in beddings are usually more attentive according to Consumer Reports. From their findings, staff working at specialty stores likes 1-800-Mattress and Sleepy’s were more attentive and more willing to bargain with customers. Customer Reports researchers also reported that shopping for bedding in a department store is less satisfying.

4. Be cynical when it comes to pillow-tops

According to Good Housekeeping, Bear mattresses that come with pillow-top layers may give a false-comfort reading considering that they can flatten quite quickly after a purchase. Another shortcoming is that they are thicker, and will, therefore, require you to purchase new deep-pocket or high-profile sheets.

5. Tag your partner along

Do not delegate your mattress shopping to another person. If you will be sharing the mattress with a partner, it is advisable that the two of you test the options at the store.

6. Do not let sales hype fool you

Consumer Reports advises that you avoid getting tricked into paying a lot of money for fancy features. According to CR, years of testing have shown that the cheapest Bear mattresses are usually the sturdiest.

7. Ask about products that are not on the sales floor

Most stores will use their display space to highlight higher-end products. If you come across something

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