About me

Hi, I’m Vicky and I don’t have children! I know, a childrens and childcare blogger who doesn’t have kids! Who does she think she is?!? Well, I don’t for one minute pretend to be a parent or know what it’s like being a parent, but about a million years ago I was a nanny and got my NVQ in childrens care. Since then, although I don’t work with kids anymore I’ve had some amazing kids in my life – including my god-daughter and her brother, and now my niece. Why should I be excluded about writing about fun stuff just because I don’t have kids of my own? I mean, I could write about my cats, but I can’t take them out and do fun stuff with them (well maybe I could but I’d probably be sectioned)!

Anyway, if you can bear listening to me about various things vaguely childcare related then stay with me. If not, maybe one of my other sites will be more your cup of tea:

thegardenchest.com – home and garden

olejkicbd.info – CBD oil and alternative therapies (olejkicbd is Polish for oil)

moneymoo.info – personal finance

trendingtech.info – technology

Meanwhile, as I don’t like using pictures of people’s kids without permission and my phone is downstairs, I’ll leave you with a cat selfie!