Blending families

Blending families is always a difficult subject to tackle. Every person is different, therefore meaning every family is even more so. The vast majority of single parents don’t introduce their new partners to their children until there is a chance it is becoming something serious. They don’t want to keep introducing new people to their children, people who then leave their lives if the relationship breaks down. If you are wanting to get back in to the dating game, where do you even start though?

A top tip would be to start with a local site, such as Norfolk dating site or wherever it is that you are based. If you have children, you have commitments, and starting a long distance relationship is only going to make things harder before you even start – so get searching for those local sites such as dating sites in Norfolk.

Some people date when their children are still really small, and it’s not been that long since they were last in the dating world, but for some people, they have to return to the dating world when their children are older, possibly even grown up and they have left home. In thath case you might want to consider senior dating – as you are more likely to meet people of a similar age and life position and situation.

Whether your children are small or big, blending families can always be hard so here’s some top tips for that all important step in all of your lives:

Introduce partners slowly – talk about them first, then let the children meet them for a short time, then a longer time, and then alter on when they are comfortable, start bringing in the children. If you do it all at one time it can be seriously overwhelming – especially for the smaller children.

Make sure the children know that the new partner isn’t a replacement parent – whether they have a relationship with their mum or dad or not, this new partner is a bonus, not instead of.

Try to involve the children in decisions affecting the whole family – whether it’s where to go on holiday, or living arrangements. You won’t be able to honour everyone’s wishes, but if they feel like they are involved, then they will feel more respected and involved and therefore more able to cope with, and feel happy with, the decisions which are made.

Make sure the relationship with your new partner doesn’t impact your relationship with your kids. You obviously need to spend time with the new partner, but if the child feels that they are seeing less of you, then they will feel threatened and more likely to be resentful of the new partner and their family.

When you get to the stage where all the children have met – try to come up with activities that are suitable and will be enjoyed by everyone. Whilst blended families with large age gaps will be harder to please, you’d be surprised the kind of activities that people of all ages enjoy – from bowling and mini golf through to the cinema and eating out.

blending families

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