Crafting fun for all the family

Boy or girl, young or old, crafts and related crafting activities can be great fun for all the family. Crafts can be messy or clean, loud or quiet, big or small and that is why they are suitable for all the family – there is something for everyone!

The person who likes technology

For the family member who likes technology, there are crafts which involve technology such as electronic colouring in via apps and using downloads such as svg design to incorporate into various online and electronic designs. You can then use these downloads in a wide variety of crafts – and even print them off to use for other physical rather than electronic crafts.

The person who likes mess

For the person who likes mess (or doesn’t have to do the tidying up) painting is always a great activity. Whether you have an easel and paint landscapes or portraits, or you just get a table cloth out, overalls on and have some fun on paper there is always a great choice of things to do. Some of my favourite activities are bubble painting (which uses water and either paint or food colouring) to make patterns on paper or potato printing (where you use cut potato or vegetable shapes to print shapes on the paper). Just remember to ask the home owner’s permission before doing anything too messy – or at least covering all surfaces that might end up getting covered.

The person who likes to have something to wear at the end of the day

For the person who likes new clothes and either loves or despises fashion, you can always make yourself something new to wear. The most popular ways of making new clothes are by taking up crocheting and knitting. You could also take up sewing – and as you get more confident you can try more advanced techniques. Start with knitting a scarf or sewing a skirt, and move on to jumpers and dresses with boning or zips!

The person who likes small projects

For the person who likes small projects, or perhaps is limited to space, activities such as colouring in, drawing or sketching and card making and crafts involving technology might be most suited.

What if you aren’t sure what kind of crafting you like?

New to crafting or want to try something new? A great place to start is over on Pinterest. There are millions and millions of boards and pins with great ideas so it is definitely worth trying out. You could also try a local adult education class where the materials and facilities are provided so you can try something new without any major outlay. My local centre does classes such as pottery and watercolours – neither of which I would be able to try at home without any instruction or materials. You could also try visiting your library and borrowing a book which is instructional about new crafts or new things you could try with your current stock. Charity shops and car boot sales are also great places to get new bits and pieces on a budget so you can get stuck in without blowing the bank!

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