Favourite kids recipes

Are your kids fussy eaters? It can be so tricky to deal with this. One of my favourite ways of getting around this is to get the child (or adult) who is being fussy involved with the selection and preparation of food. They take more ownership and more of an interest in the ingredients and the end product.

I thought about sharing some of my favourite recipes for kids on this page – but different people and different families have different palates, tastes, dietary requirements and so on. I therefore have collated some of my favourite recipe resource banks instead. If you try and of them, please do let me know which you would recommend and maybe you can widen my diet as well!

Allrecipes.co.uk – All recipes have a great selection of child friendly recipes. They are broken down into categories – so you can search for desserts, no-cook recipes etc. I think I will be trying the Cookie Monster cupcakes next!

BBC – the BBC have a brilliant selection as well. Also categorised, and laid out perhaps a little clearer. I like the categories as they are really clean cut – toddlers, lunchbox, snacks etc!

Jamie Oliver – we all know that Jamie Oliver is a real advocate of healthy eating and nutrition – especially for children (RIP Turkey Twizzlers). The recipes on this website might be a little more fiddly, and may not be as sutiable for fussy eaters, but they are great nutritionally and will get your kids eating a wide variety of foods and ingredients. A lot of the recipes will make the kids feel really grown up too! They are definitely worth a try!

Netmums – For all things parenting, where better to go than one of the biggest hubs of mums online. Netmums has so many great resources but I do love their recipe bank. I love celebrity chefs but on Netmums you will get so many tried and tested meal ideas in real live families.

Please do let me know what recipes you try and recommend some for me. I can’t live on beans and toast forever after all (although my spaghetti bolognaise is pretty good too)!

favourite recipes for kids

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