Festive dating

This time of the year is the perfect time to get your dating shoes on and get out and meet someone new. Everyone wants to be able to spend Christmas and New Year with someone and so this time of year is a great time to hit the dating sites as they will be super busy. A great place to start is with local sites, for example by searching online for “Cambridgeshire dating site” or “dating sites in Cambridgeshire” but obviously replacing the location with the town or city nearest you where you think there would be a vast number of people who would be looking to date.

There’s no shame in online dating – it’s no longer seen as something for the sad, lonely or desperate. More and more people are meeting online and there are people looking for long term things or short term things – so you are bound to find someone looking for the same thing as you.

There are so many great activities to do over the festive period that it makes it an even better than usual time of year to get out dating. Fun dates are a great way to break the ice and prevent awkward silences, so have a think about trying things like ice skating or wreath making. Another fun thing to do, is to go to a classic Christmas movie marathon which cinemas tend to put on at this time of year. Just check the local move theatre or cinema listings.

Strolling around town taking in all the Christmas lights can be great fun too. You don’t need to be in a major town or city, as most towns and villages across the UK tend to have that one street that goes all out and the rest of town flock to visit. If you are new to town, as I was last year, ask the neighbours or your new colleagues and someone is bound to be able to give you some recommendations.

VIsitng a Christmas market can give you ideas for Christmas present and decoration ideas and walking around with a hot drink – whether it’s hot chocolate with a shot of Baileys in it or a classic glass of mulled wine, it is super festive and super fun. Perhaps you could even make a game of it – whether that be who can buy the most Christmas presents while you are there, or who can buy the tackiest gift for under £5, there are so many ways to make it that bit more enjoyable!

Not sure those are for you – well try and get along to one of the many festive dating events that are held at this time of year. One of my favourite festive dating events is festive speed dating – where you have to wear a Christmas jumper. The jumpers are themselves an ice breaker – a bit like in Bridget Jones when Bridget meets Mark as an adult for the first time at her mother’s Christmas turkey buffet event. They really are a show stopped and a great way to get chatting!

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