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orangery in the house

I don’t know about you, but the home has always been the heart of the family, and where are time together revolves around. Whether you have a small rented flat or apartment or a large, mortgage free home, the home is what you make of it.

Having lived in a 1 bedroom ground floor flat for over 12 years, I never in a million years imagined myself living in a three bedroom detached home. Not only do I have more space, both indoors and outdoors, but I have freedom. In a leasehold flat there are major limits as to what you can do to the property, even if you own it. With a freehold house, short of sticking to planning regulations and obtaining relevant permissions, you have much more freedom and can do so much more with your space.

Whilst for me right now my home is perfect, down the line, when time and money allow, there are things I would love to do with it. My front door doesn’t appear to seal very well, and I get a draught. A new front door which seals and keeps the heat in would be amazing. I’d also love to get my loft fully boarded. Part of it is boarded, but part of it is not, and even the parts that are boarded have not been boarded very well and as I live on my own I am quite anxious about going up there on my own in case I fall through a board or have an accident – and trust me, if something like that is going to happen to anyone, it will happen to me!

Another thing I would love to add to my home is an orangery. I did not know what the difference was between conservatories and orangeries before I bought my house, but now I’ve looked into it, I can see that there are loads of different options. I’m not sure exactly what I would want to get – I guess it would depend on what I envision using the space for and who is living there at the time. After all, a space for grown ups entertaining after dinner would have a very different feel to it than a space that is to be used primarily by young children as a play room.

Saying that, I love that orangeries are partly brickwork which matches your home, and is more like an extension than the typical mainly glass conservatory. The fact that there is choice between orangeries, conservatories, glass extensions (which to be honest I also totally love but I just don’t think would complement my property) and many more means there is plenty of choice. A great company will be able to offer you a consultation on what would work well for your property, in terms of space, layout, design, finish and style and colour. Like with anything, get a variety of different quotes and do your research into companies who offer this kind of work. All companies should be able to offer a wide range of references, even allowing you to speak directly to other customers, as well as a guarantee.

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