Making Money as a SAHM

Blogging has fast become the go to way for stay at home mums (SAHMs) to make money. It allows you to work around childcare and school runs, and be your own boss – meaning no more worrying about your job security when you need to be home for a child’s illness or leave early for a parent teach conference or sports day. You can work from home, or on the go (in Starbucks whilst waiting for pickup anyone?) You can spend as much or as little time on it as you want. You don’t even have to do it full time. Some people just want to do it in the evening or when the kids are at school for a bit of extra money.

The question I get asked the most often though, is whether you really can earn money from blogging and the answer is a big fat yes! I’m no way near as successful as some of the big bloggers out there who are making thousands and thousands of pounds a month, but I make enough to keep me ticking over. I earn enough to cover some unexpected bills I’ve had recently, and so by having that extra income I’ve not had to dup into my savings as much as I would have otherwise. It’s also meant that I was able to take a paycut and change to a more fufilling job rather than staying in a higher paid but thoroughly awful job. I worked out the difference between my take home pay in my last job and the one I’m in now, and set myself a target of what I needed to earn each month – and I am please that I have smashed it every single month since. As a stay at home mum, you need to plan your time effectively and you won’t want to spend all your time pitching to a million different companies, and that is where companies that offer blogger outreach services come in handy. These companies act as agencies where bloggers can apply for several different opportunities all in the same place. It is a much better use of your time and resources and will help you maximise your earning potential.

What do companies and brands get out of it though? Well, again, it is cost, time and resource effective. Like using a recruitment agency, they can list their tasks in one place and allow someone else to manage their blogger outreach strategy for them. This includes choosing the right blogs and the right bloggers to work with. By outsourcing this – they can get “the experts” to manage this for them and allow them to focus their attention and resources on what they really want to focus on.

If you have a car problem, you’d call a garage, and so it’s no different. Sometimes, particularly for small business owners, their attention needs to be elsewhere – as they built their business on something else, so calling someone in to help with outreach and online marketing is nothing to be ashamed of.

sahm does not mean you can't make money

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