Reward and chore charts

Do your children have to do chores? Are they rewarded for doing things or behaving well? Even Adele has one for her son and there are so many ideas out there.

You can buy one, make one, or even create a reward jar or something similar. The principle is the same though. You need to make sure your child is of an age where they will get something out of it – usually between 3 and 12. You should work with your child to establish the chores or tasks and the rewards. Any rules (eg 5 stars will get them a reward) should be clear to both as well.

Where possible, try and avoid sugary sweets and chocolate as rewards. Outings or activities are a great reward for good behaviour and they don’t have to be expensive. If your child has earnt a reward, don’t take it away as a punishment. They achieved the requirement for the reward, so the consequence of the misbehaviour should be something different. Try to remember not to bribe your child. Make sure they have done the task before they are rewarded, rather than the other way around.

What ever you do – make sure it works for you and your family. Whether it’s stickers on a piece of paper, or marbles in a jar, it needs to be something that you all know what you are working for and towards. Ensure that all the adults in the house know the rules and don’t let the children play you off against one another for example “Daddy would have given me a sticker for that.” Consistency is key and kids tend to thrive under routine and rules. That doesn’t mean you can’t ever be spontaneous but structure really helps children to grow and feel secure and safe which is really what we want for our kids right?

reward and chore charts

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