The best creative activities for kids

I have to admit – I’m not very creative. I wish I was, but I’m just not! I’ve therefore trawled some of my favourite mummy blogs and found a great selection of creative activities for kids – you can even “help” them if you fancy!

Bubble wrap prints – I didn’t even know this was a thing but how cool do these look?  These should be really cheap to do as well and the prints can be made into pictures or even wrapping paper!

DIY story stones – I knew that painting stones was a popular trend, but I love the idea of turning them into stories. In particular, putting them (once dry) in a bag and pulling them out at random and making up stories – which promotes imagination.

Origami frogs – these are super cute, and fun to make. Once you have made them, you can play a wide variety of fun games – from jumping games, bullseye or races!

Ice chalk – again, didn’t know these existed! I love the idea and once the weather warms up I cannot wait to make some of these and get out in the garden with my niece!

Fingerprint Family Tree – I think these are really cute. I love the idea and the effects are super powerful. Again, something else I’d love to do with my niece. It will teach her about her family, but also create a really beautiful piece of art.

Magic Garden – with just a few things that you probably have in your garden or in the shed, you can create a mini magic garden, perfectly suitable or fairies or other mystical creatures!

I really hope these have given you some great ideas. It just shows that with things that you probably have around, you can create a wide variety of great things. Your kids will enjoy making these and they have something to show for it at the end. Another great thing is that it might lead to other activities or other ideas (like the story stones go from painting to story telling).

Have lots of fun doing these and I’d love to see what you create!


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