Why subscription boxes are a perfect gift for all the family!

subscription boxes

Subscription box gifts are becoming more and more popular. Whilst the most common and popular ones, the market is growing radidly and there are now options for all members of the family. What are they though?

Well subscription boxes involve a recurring (usually monthly) delivery of items within a particular niche or product range.  They started off being a service where customers could receive sample sixed items from a range of products. It was a great way for companies to get their products, quite often medium to high end ones, into the hands of prospective customers for a reduced price. Customers are more likely to commit to spending money on products that they already have tried and like.

Another reason for them becoming more and more popular is because quite often they can include gifts or items which the recipients (or the gift giver if they are gifts) may never have even thought of.  It can take a lot of hassle and effort out of shopping.

Here’s some of my favourites currently available on the market:

Cat toy and treat selection – a monthly delivery of everything you need for your feline friends. My cats are indoor cats and so I like to mix it up by rotating their toys and activities, but it is very much a case of I don’t know what I don’t know. I don’t know what new toys or products are on the market so I don’t know what I would get them. A monthly delivery of a great selection of treats and toys for them makes my life a lot easier!

Scarves and accessories – I am a terrible shopper with not a lot of fashion sense. I know what I like but I don’t always know what will look goof or fashionable. That’s where scarf and accessories subscription boxes can come in handy. A new scarf or piece of jewellery delivered monthly (or bi-monthly if you prefer) helps to keep up with trends and look good with minimal effort.

Beauty and costmetics – I love these! I am more often than not stuck in a rut with my beauty regime, but with such a saturated market, it is so hard to know what will work best for me and my skin. That’s another reason why I love these. You can try a range of products but without a big expenditure up front. If I then find a product I like, I can then choose to purchase the full sized version, knowing that it works for me.

What about the downsides? 

Some people are concerned about the impact on the environment that subscription boxes may have. There is of course increased packing and delivery materials compared to picking up items when already out shopping.  Due to the fact that products are being received by people who may not like or use them, there is also the concern about the impact on the environment of all the wasted packaging and of course the items themselves. Whilst this impact can be minimised by sharing products between friends and family and recycling where possible, it is not clear enough that these will definitely take place.


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